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A Luxury Style Self Contained Accommodation Make You Feel Comfortable Like Your Own House. Dhillon Accommodation, a pride name in real estate industry of Griffith, which makes your holiday tour memorable by providing a luxury style caravan type of self-contained accommodation. When you are on a tour and visiting NSW area especially Griffith and its surroundings like Hillston, it is obvious that you look for a clean, airy, accommodation in Aussie towns in NSW like Hillston etc. Here, if your choice demand for an independent apartment, where you could stay for a long time like your own house, then our self-contained apartments would definitely be selected by you to make your stay healthy and memorable. We provide each and everything required as a basic need in our apartment.

Here, in Griffith, NSW we are into the real estate sector for the last one decade and have satisfied thousands of families and individuals, who visited Hillston to spend their holidays and other personal visits, as we provided them them very affordable self-contained accommodations in Hillston. Here, you can get a one stop solution for your holiday stay, as we provide each and everything required in an accommodation which give could give you a feel of your own house.

So whether you are a traveler or backpacker and left your home to spend holidays and you need an accommodation like your own house, then you will definitely finish your search by visiting Dhillon Accommodation in Hillston. In our caravan like apartment, you will get everything required as basic need in a house like air-condition, attached bathroom, kitchen, ample car parking space, microwave oven, fridge, utensils, chair-tables and three beds in each cabin. In short, you will get a complete house miles away from your home. Therefore, if you are on a trip of holidays and need a private accommodation in Griffith, then Dhillon accommodation will be the best affordable self-contained accommodation for you to make your holidays memorable.

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Our friendly and helpful staff will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. This is our home, and it's our mission to help you feel at home too.

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Car Park

Here, you will get a secured and ample space for your car, as each apartment has its own car parking.


Air Conditioner(Ac)

Each room is equipped with an air-conditioner to maintain the climate.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 12

Attached Toilets

Each room in our caravan has an attached toilet.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 15


We also provide a gas stove along with a gas connection so that you could be able to cook your own food.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 11

Purified Water

We have installed water purification system in each kitchen of the apartments.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 5


You will also get a microwave oven in the kitchen to make your food all time fresh and hot.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 13


In the kitchen compartment, you will find all types of required utensils

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 10


Here, you get a deep freezer to store your food for long time.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 6

Big Fridge

Each kitchen is facilitated with a large fridge for the storage and freshness of your food and drinks.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 2

Three beds (At Every Cabin)

Here, we have made a great arrangement of beds, as each cabin has three beds.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 3

Table & Chair

You will also find chair and table in the sitting room.

Dhillon-Accommodation-Hillston 14

Attached Bathroom

Each cabin has an attached bathroom equipped with a geyser and shower.

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When you enter NSW or especially Griffith to spend your holidays or any type of visit, you get many options to stay for a short as well as for a long time period. But the facilities and independency you get at Dhillon Accommodation, can never find at any other place, if you are looking for an independent house. Other place may offer you good food, luxury style rooms, room service etc. But if you choice is something different as you want to live and cook your food on your own as you live in your own house, then this type of facility can only be found at Dhillon Accommodation.

Best Caravan Service

As we are the experts in real estate business and we know what people demand while finding any independent apartment or a caravan, when they leave their own house to spend some moments of their life independently away from their house.

Opening Hours

We are open for 24/7, as our staff is always be ready to serve for you to make your stay restful and memorable with their best hospitality and care. You can visit our site anytime whenever you enter Hillston Town in Griffith.

Secured Car Park

We have provided an ample space for your car, where you can park your car proudly by taking that space as your own. Cameras remain there for the security of your cars and apartment, as we have also put security cameras hanged on the surroundings of our site.

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Here, you will get surprised that we do not charge for water bills, electricity bills and gas bills, as these facilities are absolutely free when you book our apartment to stay for some weeks or months etc. So whether you are on a family tour or a backpacker, visiting NSW area, particularly Griffith and Hillston, then our accommodation will be the best choice for you to make your stay memorable.

Get in Touch

Here, at Dhillon Accommodation, the major attraction of our residential scheme is the apartments we have designed for your comfort, especially the rooms and the facilities. You will see, each room of our accommodation is equipped with 3 bedrooms, it means if you are coming with your family and want to stay for a long-time, then you can easily share beds and other facilities provided by us like you will find attached toilets and bathrooms with each room, air-conditioners, utensils, cooking gas, and other necessary items required in the kitchen and sitting.

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