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honey in griffith

Here, in NSW, we do not only run real estate and workforce business for agriculture and horticulture industry, as we are also into pollination business of honey bee, as we produce high quality beehives of World’ best bees and let our customers grow by doing honey bee and bee product business by taking our best pollination services in Griffith and in NSW. We bring best in class honey bee and prepare unique type of beehives which could allow more than 50,000 bees and the frames we provide are larger than the other beehive providers in NSW, as our box contain 10 frames and other companies offer 8 frames of beehives in a box. We use premium quality plastic and fiber for the pollination of queen quality bees and provide them to our customers at a very reasonable rate so that they could get more profit by growing more and more bees in their farms.

A part from real estate business, we are also into agriculture and horticulture business, as we belong to an agricultural background so it is in our blood that we love the agriculture land. Here, we provide workforce for various types of farming and help our farmer brothers who want to grow into this business, as we run this business with the name, Griffith Work Force Pty Limited. It is known as the largest labor force provider for the Horticulture as well as for the Agriculture industries in New South Wales and its surroundings. We are into this profession for last 14 years and have created a great benchmark of providing the skilled and reliable labor force to different types of industries related to farming. Here, you can contact us for any type of labor requirement for your farms etc. And except for the workforce, we also provide agricultural machinery and operators like tractors, forklifts and their drivers etc.

harvesting in griffith hillston

We are known as one of the best agricultural transportation and harvesting machinery providers in NSW, as you will get the best cotton harvesting machinery and workforce from our side. Here, you will get the latest tools and transportation service for your cotton farming as well as other types of crops whether they are related to fruits, vegetables or grains. Therefore, if you need any transportation or harvesting machinery, you can contact us, we will be happy to serve for you with our ultra-modern transportation and machinery.